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Who will survive?

The Red Death is a short horror visual novel in which your choices will determine who will survive to the events revolving around an ancient, supernatural ritual. You are Vail, a non-binary person with difficulties to socialize, who really wants to fit in with their new friends. You join them for a weekend in an isolated cottage, and everything seems to be going fine at first. But a dreadful plan is about to reach its conclusion, and there are strange powers involved...

  • - 11000+ words and several choices, leading to five different endings with three unique epilogues. Aproximately 40-90 minutes.
  • - Disturbing art handmade on paper, including several character portraits.
  • - An interactive horror story with influences from Edgar Allan Poe, 80s slasher movies and Japanese visual novels.
  • - English and Spanish language.

¿Quién sobrevivirá?

The Red Death es una novela visual corta de terror, en la que tus decisiones determinarán quién sobrevivirá a los sucesos acaecidos alrededor de un antiguo rito sobrenatural. Eres Vail, una persona no binaria con dificultades para socializar, que desea encajar con sus nueves amigues. Te apuntas a pasar con elles un fin de semana en una aislada casa rural, y todo parece ir bien al principio. Pero un plan espantoso, relacionado con extraños poderes, está a punto de llegar a su conclusión...

  • - 11000+ palabras y varias elecciones, que llevan a cinco finales diferentes con tres epílogos únicos. Aproximadamente 40-90 minutos.
  • - Arte inquietante dibujado a mano en papel, incluyendo varios retratos de personajes.
  • - Una historia de terror interactiva con influencias de Edgar Allan Poe, el cine de terror slasher de los 80 y las novelas visuales japonesas.
  • - Escrita en español y traducida al inglés.


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not my words but a youtuber who I subscribed said he was really interested in the middle but it fell short in the ending because it was too detailed and it didn't get straight to the point. Who knows maybe some people can't handle wordly content


really loved it:) sorry if my reading is awful...

Glad to hear it, thanks! I'll watch the video when it's out.


A pesar de que suelo jugar en inglés, decidí jugarlo en su idioma original llevándome la grata sorpresa de que le protagoniste use pronombres neutros. Me gustó mucho el juego, creo que es el primero que conozco que está dibujado a mano. La única crítica que puedo llegar a imaginar (?) es que Elena nos haya insultado respetando nuestra identidad de género, aunque respeto la decisión de le autore al permitirme creer que ese tipo de utopía existe.

No solo hay representación no binaria, sino que abre los marcos de como las lesbianas pueden amarnos también. Esto me hizo muy feliz y voy a probar el resto de los juegos 

(2 edits) (+1)

Me alegro mucho de que te haya gustado. Es muy interesante lo que comentas. Yo creo que una persona que entienda la importancia del género para todas las personas trans, y no solo para el objeto de su ira, debería insultarle sin malgenerizarle, aunque le odie. Claro que soy consciente de que en la realidad suele no ser así, pero, por ejemplo, yo creo que entre personas trans lo respetamos más, aunque habrá de todo, sin duda. Me pareció importante hacerlo de esta manera, aunque pueda parecer utópico como dices, pero era el ejemplo que quería dar. Respecto a lo que comentas de las lesbianas, ambas chicas son sáficas, digo que les gustan las chicas, pero no especifico que les gusten las chicas exclusivamente. Eso lo dejé un poco abierto a la interpretación, pero me alegro de que te haya hecho sentir bien.

Me alegra también que quieras probar mis juegos anteriores, pero que sepas que en estos no hay representación no binaria... Eso sí, en mis futuros proyectos volverá a haber, quizá no en todos pero la habrá, seguro.


I loved it soooooo much. I'm French and I love translating from english to french if you're interested by the way ! I saw this game was only available in spanish and english and I would love to do it if you want ! I'm gonna chek your other games later ^^

Thanks, I'm happy you loved it! About the translation, I really appreciate your offer, it's a lot of work! I'll think about it and I'll take it into account for later on. Have you translated other games?


I never translated games before, it would be a first for me. But I already translated Youtube videos ( don't really know if some knowledge in programation are needed for games, i didn't think about it ;-; ). It can seems strange but translating is almost like a hobby for me, I find it satisfying. In any case it's all up to you of course 

Do you have a Twitter account to stay in contact? Mine's @lingorgon.

Well, I created one some month ago and didn't use it at all and i don't know why it's blocked ;-; But I have Instagram and an old Facebook account to

My Instagram account for these games is @gorgongames.


Hated the faces, hated the mask even more. Good job.

Thanks! Your video was lovely, I enjoyed watching you play and listening to your reactions. It's also very useful to me as a writer. I hope you keep hating the spooky stuff in the next part!

I will! By the way, what's in the 1.01 update? Is it important? Should I install it first?

(1 edit)

I just changed  a couple of small things after watching you! One was that "s" missing in "darkness" at the beginning. Just a letter, but it's the very first dialogue so I thought it was an important first impression. I noticed thanks to your video, I checked it all several times but it happens. Also, you pointed out that I didn't specify Vail's pronouns when talking about this subject, and I thought that it was a good idea to just say they're "they/them". In Spanish it's already kinda obvious by that point because of how our language is, but in English you can't know until the end of the masks part.

So no, you don't need to download it at all.


Okay then!


Amazing game and story  dev :D 

(2 edits)

Thanks! I'm glad you liked it. :)